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Restless Nest Coaching offers online services nationwide.

Offering 1, 3 and 6 month packages with unlimited text/email support. See Restlessnestcoaching.com for more.

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Things to Know

I do not accept insurance. You may want to call your insurance provider and ask if they offer reimbursements for "Out Of Network Services". If they do, they will reimburse you for a portion of your therapy costs. I will provide you with all the information you will need to send them.

20 Minute Initial Consultation is free. This is not a therapy session, but rather a chance for us to meet, and for you to see the set-up. There is no obligation to receive services.

Pay as you go $120

Four Session Package $420  One month of services

Eight Session Package $780  Two months of service

Group Psychoeducation* $250 Per hour

Couple or Family $180

*Group psychoeducation is for 7 or fewer people who want to learn about a specific topic, such as how to support a friend who has received a diagnosis, or group conflict resolution. Hours are by appointment, and needn't conform to the session calendar.


The T Room Blog... a little taste of therapy in written form


A collection of short audio clips where my friend Holly, a  writer, and I talk about counseling and some of the questions that people often ask. As the collection grows, you'll see more little orange arrows sprinkled throughout the site. Feel free to suggest a topic, or ask a question using the contact form below.

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Can't I just lean on my friends?

If I have a really supportive friend, can't I just lean on them?

Tell the truth. Are you judging me?

Nope. Click on the arrow to hear more about what I'm thinking as you "reveal your ugly.'"

What's with all the optimism?

I'm not coming to counseling because everything is sunshine and rainbows!

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Please note: This email will be sent through WIX and gmail. It is not a HIPPA secured method of communication. If you prefer to communicate through more secure means, please call and leave a voicemail, or register using the button below, and contact me through Counsol. Thank you!

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