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Grief and Transitions

Roman Sculpture

Argh, life! It can take us to many places, and some of those places are tougher than others. We tend to soar during the great times, but what do we do when living requires more from us than we think we have; when life gets really stressful? Change, even 'good' changes, can bring unexpected stress. Being a new mother, entering retirement, being newly married, or even that recent promotion at work may come with unexpected demands. What is the saying? Ah yes, "into every life a little rain must fall." Grief in any form including bereavement, divorce, break ups, death of a beloved can seem that life never misses an opportunity to throw us for a loop. 


Sometimes we worry about being a burden to others, or being judged by friends or family if we 'complain' about life. Being able to sort things through in a nonjudgemental, safe and private place can be very helpful, and make you available to enjoy life, stressors and all! 

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