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Trauma Healing

Trauma can be described as experiencing something for which we have no tools. We couldn't handle it! We were overwhelmed! Many think, "but that was a long time ago, and I am over it now." Are you? Here is one way to tell...when you think back on your life does your memory wind like a ribbon, or does it duck for cover from the explosive imagery, leap over lost years, or come to a screeching halt at a period that you would just as soon forget? Creating what we in the business call a "cohesive narrative" can help you get your years back. Using positive, affirming methods, it is possible to heal what got broke. It is possible to recapture what got lost all those years ago. Let's get your joy back.

my trauma shows?

Our trauma shows in ways we don't even realize. Because we were, in effect, knocked off of our developmental track, we found work arounds. These work arounds are apparent  in many facets of our lives. Sometimes it shows in how we develop relationships, often never getting too close, or getting way too close way too fast. We seek stimulation in ways that are not useful. We even sometimes feel like we deserve less than others, and find ourselves on the outside looking into a world we would love to experience, but feel like we just don't belong in. In response to our shame, many of us become hyper successful in our professional lives, but suffer in silence in our private worlds. We may have great potential, but squander opportunities, or sabotage ourselves. We may have been victims of crimes, because our trauma status made us easier targets. Yes, it shows.

The hard part is over. You survived.  Now let's clean up the mess.

I'll teach you the skills to regulate your nervous system, and help you regain control. Then, together, we practice staying in relaxed body as we talk about your experiences. We will explore new ways of seeing the pictures that flash through your mind, thus releasing them. 


Look, for lots of us, one person's trauma is "just how it was" for us. We often think, "it was no big deal." But, robbing you of your joy and impacting how you see your potential is always a big deal. This doesn't mean we can't find the humor in the bizarre, dysfunctional, and impossible. Sometimes, absurdity and pain are good buddies...let's use that to fuel healing, and feel better.

Because you are not sitting alone, thinking about this stuff, turning it over in your head 1000 times, we can process it in a useful way. I am there to provide nurturing support and encouragement. You don't need to do this alone.

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